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Bridge to Another World 7: Secrets of the Nutcracker - CE (Napcsepp)

Camelot: Wrath of the Green Knight (Napcsepp)

Christmas Stories 9: The Christmas Tree Forest - CE (Napcsepp)

Chronicles of Albian: The Magic Convention (Spawn)

Dark Dimensions 5: Homecoming - CE (artschi)

Dark Romance 12: Ashville - CE (Napcsepp)

Dark Romance 13: Vampire Origins - CE (Napcsepp)

Dark Tales 17: Edgar Allan Poes the Bells - CE (Napcsepp)

Dark Tales 18: Edgar Allan Poe's The Devil in the Belfry - CE (Napcsepp)

Family Mysteries 2: Echoes of Tomorrow - CE (Spawn)

Fairy Godmother Stories 2: Dark Deal - CE (Napcsepp)

Final Cut 6: Fade to Black - CE (Lolka)

Grim Tales 19: Heritage - CE (Napcsepp)

Legendary Tales: Stolen Life - CE (Napcsepp)

Love Alchemy: A Heart in Winter (KOCZKAHUN)

Mystery Case Files 9 - Shadow Lake - CE (artschi)

Mystery Trackers 18: Tragedy in the Training Camp - CE (Napcsepp)

Paranormal Files 5: Trials of Worth - CE (Napcsepp)

Paranormal Pursuit: The Gifted One - CE (artschi)

Pride And Prejudice: Blood Ties - CE (Napcsepp)

Runefall (Spawn)

Secret City: London Calling - CE (Lolka)

Secret City 2: The Sunken Kingdom - CE (Lolka)

The Myth Seekers - The Legacy of Vulcan - CE (KOCZKAHUN)

The Myth Seekers 2: The Sunken City - CE (KOCZKAHUN)

The Saint: Abyss of Despair - CE (Lolka)

Tales of Lagoona: Orphans of the Ocean (Spawn)

Tales of Lagoona: Peril at Poseidon Park (Spawn)

Worlds Align 2: Deadly Dream (Napcsepp)

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When sightings of a paranormal monster plague a brand-new amusement park, you and your Fright Chasers cohort are on the case! Once you
arrive, the activity quickly escalates as you track it throughout the
park. When you become one of its targets, it becomes clear that much
more than the park’s success is at stake.

Hidden Object Collector's Editions | Megtekintések száma: 72 | Hozzáadta:: Spawn | Dátum: 2020-05-16

Albert McClain is an author with the strange ability to predict the future in his novels, a talent that propelled him into the limelight.
Now, he’s vanished during the release event for his latest book, and
with a city-wide celebration ahead, the fiery destruction depicted in
its pages is far from an empty threat!

Hidden Object Collector's Editions | Megtekintések száma: 96 | Hozzáadta:: Spawn | Dátum: 2020-05-14

As the Twin Moons near their full phase, the Academy prohibits the use of magic for safety reasons. But things go awry – a powerful magic conduit shatters causing your sister and two other students to vanish. Disregarding the no-magic order, you quickly learn that there’s far more to these events.

Hidden Object Collector's Editions | Megtekintések száma: 127 | Hozzáadta:: Spawn | Dátum: 2020-05-09

When your true love, Edward Grand, disappears on a trip to the city of Rosemount, it’s up to you to find him. But you quickly learn that
something is very wrong in Rosemount. The Ice Queen has covered the city
in a layer of ice and now holds Edward as her captive. Can you stop the
evil Ice Queen, save Edward, and free Rosemount from its frozen fate?

Hidden Object Collector's Editions | Megtekintések száma: 108 | Hozzáadta:: Spawn | Dátum: 2020-05-08

Domini Games brings you the latest gripping case in the Mystery Tales! When your niece’s fiancé mysteriously falls into a coma the night of
their rehearsal dinner, you rush to help. You and your trusty feline
friend Morty quickly find the supernatural at work. And this time,
you’ll have to travel through the Underworld itself to stop the sinister
spirit responsible! Can you leave the Underworld with your life, or is
something even larger at play? Find out in this chilling Hidden Object Puzzle adventure!

Hidden Object Collector's Editions | Megtekintések száma: 118 | Hozzáadta:: Spawn | Dátum: 2020-04-23

Leitan Keyes, famous inventor, is on a brink of a brilliant scientific discovery. But just as he and his wife are celebrating their anniversary, their whole world turns upside down when a time traveler appears, and through some unknown technology, causes Leitan’s wife to turn against him! How are Leitan’s inventions tied to this mysterious traveler and what can he do to protect his wife? Join Leitan and find out in Family Mysteries: Echoes of Tomorrow Collector’s Edition!
Hidden Object Collector's Editions | Megtekintések száma: 111 | Hozzáadta:: Tibor | Dátum: 2020-04-18

Elephant Games proudly brings you the next exciting chapter in the Gray Family saga in Grim Tales: The Generous Gift.When a mysterious birthday present arrives for Anna Gray’s daughter, Alice, the stage is set for a complex and dangerous kidnapping plot.
Now, Alice is missing, and someone is busy tying up loose ends. Can you
help Anna follow the clues to learn the kidnapper’s identity and get her
daughter back, without becoming the next victim herself? Find out in
this intense new Hidden Object Adventure.

Hidden Object Collector's Editions | Megtekintések száma: 98 | Hozzáadta:: Spawn | Dátum: 2020-04-16

When your grandma falls into a coma, you rush to her side. But when you arrive to your hometown, a letter from her sends you on an incredibly
journey to another world! Your family has protected the portal to
Taleworld for years. With your grandma unable to fulfill her duties, a
dangerous entity has put it in peril! Can you travel to a new realm and
defeat the Tall Man in time? Find out in this breathtaking Hidden-Object
Puzzle adventure!

Hidden Object Collector's Editions | Megtekintések száma: 130 | Hozzáadta:: Spawn | Dátum: 2020-04-09

Join the Rangers at Pinecreek Hills and Jurassic Springs National Parks and work alongside them as a volunteer. Organise events on beautiful lakes, rivers and trails. Ride Pinecreek’s awesome new Aerial Tramway and learn about renewable energy sources. Camp and picnic beside Bluewaters Lake, explore atmospheric waterfalls, and many other gorgeous outdoor locations. See Pinecreek’s historic landmarks and dig for dinosaurs in Jurassic Springs! There’s so much to do this summer! Find hidden objects, complete challenging puzzles, spot hundreds of animals and find fun souvenirs along the way.

Hidden Object Collector's Editions | Megtekintések száma: 84 | Hozzáadta:: Tibor | Dátum: 2020-04-03

You’ve been invited to the Mechanical Toys Fair! But your excitement quickly turns to dread when a toy-theater master kidnaps your mechanical
flying companion! You’re hot on his trail when you’re thrown into a
toy-theater world, inhabited by countless magical creatures and the
darkness threatening to trap them all forever!

Hidden Object Collector's Editions | Megtekintések száma: 111 | Hozzáadta:: Spawn | Dátum: 2020-04-02

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