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Hamarosan magyar nyelven:

Bridge to Another World 6: Gulliver Syndrome - CE (Napcsepp)

Call of the Ages - CE (Lara04)

Chimeras 9: Wailing Waters - CE (Napcsepp)

Christmas Stories 8: Enchanted Express - CE (Napcsepp)

Chronicles of Albian: The Magic Convention (Spawn)

Dark Dimensions 5: Homecoming - CE (artschi)

Dark Tales 15: Edgar Allan Poe's Speaking with the Dead - CE (Napcsepp)

Detectives United 2: The Darkest Shrine - CE (Napcsepp)

Edge of Reality: Great Deeds - CE (Napcsepp)

Elven Legend 7: The New Generation (Napcsepp)

Family Vacation 2: Road Trip (Lara04)

Farmington Tales (Lara04)

Grim Tales 16: Outcast - CE (Napcsepp)

Haunted Legends 14: The Call of Despair - CE (Napcsepp)

Immortal Love 6: Bitter Awakening - CE (Napcsepp)

Love Alchemy: A Heart in Winter (KOCZKAHUN)

Ms Holmes: The Monster of the Baskervilles (Napcsepp)

Mystery Case Files 9 - Shadow Lake - CE (artschi)

Mystery of the Ancients 8: NoEscape - CE (Napcsepp)

New York Mysteries 4: The Outbreak - CE (Napcsepp)

Paranormal Pursuit: The Gifted One - CE (artschi)

Paranormal Files 3:Enjoy the Shopping - CE (Napcsepp)

Runefall (Spawn)

Tales of Lagoona: Orphans of the Ocean (Spawn)

Tales of Lagoona: Peril at Poseidon Park (Spawn)

The Seven Chambers (Spawn)

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With dangerous powers at play and your life on the line, can you stop a dangerous adversary to save yourself and Lilliputia in time? Find out in
this exhilarating Hidden-Object Puzzle adventure!

Hidden Object Collector's Editions | Megtekintések száma: 66 | Hozzáadta:: Spawn | Dátum: 2019-03-21

The crew of “Snagford Airlines” recovered from last year’s air crash, and now they go to a new tour across seven wonders of the world. And
with them, Amber Hope. Open the Amber’s diary and look at her secret
thoughts, completing tasks. Change the diary Ember, earning diamonds and
decorating it with traveling stamps and different covers. Fasten seat
belts and go to a fascinating world tour together with Ember Hope!


Dash/Time Management | Megtekintések száma: 84 | Hozzáadta:: Spawn | Dátum: 2019-03-21

Help your clients turn their drab living space into fantastic rooms! Solve matching puzzles to design and decorate the perfect home with
beautiful furniture! From Rustic to Modern, from Contemporary to
Victorian, from Shabby-Chic to Industrial.

Match 3 - Cserélgetős | Megtekintések száma: 119 | Hozzáadta:: Spawn | Dátum: 2019-03-20

Infinity Solitaire is a puzzle zigzag on the classic solitaire card game. Simply play one card up or one card down until you
clear the puzzle board. There are almost 1.000.000 different levels that
will give you opportunity to play solitaire game for an infinite period
of time. You can repeat your favorite levels at any time.


Board/Card - Táblás/Kártyás | Megtekintések száma: 67 | Hozzáadta:: Spawn | Dátum: 2019-03-19

The Call of Despair – the fourteenth chapter of the “Haunted Legends” series from AMAX Interactive and Big Fish Games.

Beta/Test Games - Béta/Teszt játékok | Megtekintések száma: 40 | Hozzáadta:: Spawn | Dátum: 2019-03-18

When your explorer mother disappears while looking for the fabled City of Mists, you’re called in to help! You quickly find that there’s much
more to the myth than just stories. An ancient civilization beckons, and
you’re not the only trying to reach it! Can you protect the hidden city
from a dangerous foe and save your mom in time? Find out in this
thrilling hidden-object puzzle adventure!

Hidden Object Collector's Editions | Megtekintések száma: 80 | Hozzáadta:: Spawn | Dátum: 2019-03-18

When your friend suspects that his wife’s recent death was a murder, you rush to investigate! With a castle full of suspects, it won’t be an
easy task to crack the case. While a mysterious spirit follows your
every move, can you find the truth behind a cursed wealth before it’s
too late? Find out in this thrilling Hidden-Object Puzzle adventure!

Hidden Object Collector's Editions | Megtekintések száma: 105 | Hozzáadta:: Spawn | Dátum: 2019-03-15

King Arthur reigns in Camelot, but their time of peace is at an end. Saxon invaders are marching across the land, led by a king who dreams of
conquering the world.

Match 3 - Cserélgetős | Megtekintések száma: 212 | Hozzáadta:: Spawn | Dátum: 2019-03-13

Investigate intricate crimes, hunt for evidence, examine clues, interrogate the suspects and witnesses to find and arrest
the criminals. The guilty will be punished, the innocent will be
cleared of blame and the justice will prevail! Hundreds of breathtaking
locations, thousands hidden objects, excellent graphics and extremely
addictive plot, you’ll have a lot of fun for sure!

Hidden Object | Megtekintések száma: 99 | Hozzáadta:: Spawn | Dátum: 2019-03-13

Get ready to travel around and visit paradise! It is time for another vacation, but Mary will not be joining us this time.

Hidden Object | Megtekintések száma: 78 | Hozzáadta:: Spawn | Dátum: 2019-03-13

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