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Hamarosan magyar nyelven:

Call of the Ages - CE (Lara04)

Camelot: Wrath of the Green Knight (Napcsepp)

Caveman Tales (Napcsepp)

Chase for Adventure 4: The Mysterious Bracelet - CE (Napcsepp)

Chimeras 10: The Price of Greed - CE (Napcsepp)

Christmas Stories 8: Enchanted Express - CE (Napcsepp)

Chronicles of Albian: The Magic Convention (Spawn)

Dark City 3: Vienna - CE (Napcsepp)

Dark Dimensions 5: Homecoming - CE (artschi)

Darkness and Flame 4: Enemy in Reflection - CE (Napcsepp)

Dark Romance 11: The Ethereal Gardens - CE (Napcsepp)

Detectives United 2: The Darkest Shrine - CE (Napcsepp)

Edge of Reality 6: Mark of Fate (Napcsepp)

Family Vacation 2: Road Trip (Lara04)

FairyGodmother Stories: Cinderella - CE (Napcsepp)

Farmington Tales (Lara04)

Haunted Legends 15: The Scars of Lamia - CE (Napcsepp)

Halloween Stories 3: Horror Movie - CE (Napcsepp)

League of Light 7: Growing Threat - CE (Napcsepp)

Love Alchemy: A Heart in Winter (KOCZKAHUN)

Mystery Case Files 9 - Shadow Lake - CE (artschi)

Paranormal Files 4: Hook Man's Legend - CE (Napcsepp)

Paranormal Pursuit: The Gifted One - CE (artschi)

Pride And Prejudice: Blood Ties - CE (Napcsepp)

Redemption Cemetery 15: The Stolen Time - CE (Napcsepp)

Runefall (Spawn)

The Myth Seekers - The Legacy of Vulcan - CE (KOCZKAHUN)

The Myth Seekers 2: The Sunken City - CE (KOCZKAHUN)

Tales of Lagoona: Orphans of the Ocean (Spawn)

Tales of Lagoona: Peril at Poseidon Park (Spawn)

Worlds Align: Beginning (Napcsepp)

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Dash/Time Management [45]
Match 3 - Cserélgetős [165]
Action/Adventure/Shooter/Tycoon/Strategy/Sim. and Other Big File Games [148]
Board/Card - Táblás/Kártyás [82]
Word/Quiz - Szó- és Kvíz [0]
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Marble Popper - Zuma féle játékok [3]
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Something wasn’t right when Alice woke up from a dream that felt all too real. Her mother assured her that there was nothing wrong, but it
wasn’t long before Alice learned the truth. She was only trying to do
the right thing, but the right thing went very wrong, and now the
monster that she accidentally unleashed must be stopped! To make matters
worse, her friends were the most recent victims of the monster’s curse,
so she’ll have to set out on her own this time.

Hidden Object Collector's Editions | Megtekintések száma: 7 | Hozzáadta:: Spawn | Dátum: Ma

World renowned adventurer, Jane Sinclaire will face her greatest challenge in the mysterious city of Adera! Help Jane solve exciting puzzles, collect hidden artifacts and explore incredible environments to unlock the secrets of this
new-found civilization. This episodic story begins when Jane receives a
desperate message from her long-missing grandfather. Using nothing but
her wits and a strange stone orb to guide her, Jane sets out to find her
grandfather before it’s too late!


Tárgykeresős játékok | Megtekintések száma: 18 | Hozzáadta:: Spawn | Dátum: Ma

When a masked assailant wreaks havoc on a theater in Vienna, you rush to
investigate. You quickly arrive to find that this is no ordinary
criminal. A dangerous phantom has descended on the local opera house,
promising swift justice for past wrongs! This theater is filled with
history and secrets.

Tárgykeresős játékok | Megtekintések száma: 9 | Hozzáadta:: Spawn | Dátum: Ma

The life of Elena, the first lady-in-waiting to Her Majesty, isn’t so much
about balls, corsets and fancy hats as it is espionage intrigue and
life-threatening covert operations for the good of the Empire

Logikai/Ügyességi/Kaland/Akció... | Megtekintések száma: 52 | Hozzáadta:: Spawn | Dátum: Ma

The wise Emperor Omadan once ruled over a great empire. The empire flourished, bringing joy to its people. The time came when the Emperor

decided to expand his lands in the cold north.

Match 3 - Cserélgetős | Megtekintések száma: 93 | Hozzáadta:: Spawn | Dátum: 2019-09-20

When a young apprentice goes missing in search of a cursed painting, you rush to investigate. You arrive to find much more than old
superstitions at play as art and reality collide, threatening to spread
destruction over the realm! Can you find out the truth behind the
painting of the “Princess with a Duckling” and save your world in time?
Find out in this enthralling Hidden-Object Puzzle adventure!

Hidden Object Collector's Editions | Megtekintések száma: 32 | Hozzáadta:: Spawn | Dátum: 2019-09-20

An archaeological expedition risks turning into a tragedy! During her
excavations, Claire and her friends have found a cave within which the
Frozen Queen lay, deep in a strange sleep. When they found her, the
spell was lifted and the girl awoke. She thought the archaeologists had
robbed her, and decided to find her treasure and freeze the entire

Logikai/Ügyességi/Kaland/Akció... | Megtekintések száma: 63 | Hozzáadta:: Spawn | Dátum: 2019-09-20

After a stunning success at New York Fashion Week, Angela does not think to stop! The next goal is Hollywood! One day, Hollywood star Kelly
Harper asks Angela to create her a dress for the award ceremony – such a
great opportunity not to be missed! Angela instantly moves to Los
Angeles and begins to work on her reputation as a fashion designer in
Hollywood itself. Manage boutiques with Angela, make wise decisions and
help her fulfill her dream and become a star!

Dash/Time Management | Megtekintések száma: 93 | Hozzáadta:: Spawn | Dátum: 2019-09-18

ClearIt is back with a plethora of new puzzle challenges. Like before, shoot balls along the edge of the screen, toward the middle, to make
matches and remove colors. See if you can clear each puzzle and become a
ClearIt master! Blast your way through colorful levels, but be
prepared, puzzles become increasingly complex and provide some fun
brain-teasing challenges.

Marble Popper - Zuma féle játékok | Megtekintések száma: 56 | Hozzáadta:: Spawn | Dátum: 2019-09-18

Your father’s been murdered by the evil fairy queen! You want more than just
vengeance when you find that you need her wings to revive him. With
magical creatures trying to stop you at every turn, entering the
Hallowed Kingdom won’t be an easy task. Nothing’s quite as it seems as
you set out to save your loved ones and protect your kingdom.


Tárgykeresős játékok | Megtekintések száma: 113 | Hozzáadta:: Spawn | Dátum: 2019-09-15

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