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Detectives United: Origins CE

Enchanted Kingdom: Fiend of Darkness CE

Myths of the World: Fire from the Deep CE

Hamarosan magyar nyelven:

Argonauts Agency - Golden Fleece - CE (Napcsepp)

Bonfire Stories 2: Heartless - CE (Napcsepp)

Call of the Ages - CE (Lara04)

Chimeras 8: Heavenfall Secrets - CE (Napcsepp)

Christmas Stories 7: Alice's Adventures (Napcsepp)

Chronicles of Albian: The Magic Convention (Spawn)

Dark Dimensions 5: Homecoming - CE (artschi)

Dark Parables: Jack and the Sky Kingdom - CE (Assassin)

Dark Parables: Rise of the Snow Queen - CE (Assassin)

Dark Romance 9: A Performance to Die For (Napcsepp)

Dark Tales: Edgar Allan Poe's The Oval Portrait (Napcsepp)

Detectives United: Origins (Napcsepp)

Elven Legend 6: The Treacherous Trick - CE (Napcsepp)

Family Vacation 2: Road Trip(Lara04)

Farmington Tales (Lara04)

Forest Legends: The Call of Love - CE (piera)

Grim Tales 12: Graywitch - CE (KOCZKAHUN)

Immortal Love 5: Kiss of the Night - CE (Napcsepp)

Jewel Match Solitaire - CE (Spawn)

Love Alchemy: A Heart in Winter (KOCZKAHUN)

Meadow Story (Napcsepp)

Mystery Case Files 9 - Shadow Lake - CE (artschi)

Order of the Light: Love Behing the Scenes - CE (Napcsepp)

Paranormal FIles 2: The Tall Man - CE (Napcsepp)

Paranormal Pursuit: The Gifted One - CE (artschi)

Redemption Cemetery 12: The Day of the Almost Dead - CE (Napcsepp)

Runefall (Spawn)

Shiver: Moonlit Grove - CE (Assassin)

Tales of Lagoona: Orphans of the Ocean (Spawn)

Tales of Lagoona: Peril at Poseidon Park (Spawn)

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Garry and Penny are going on their first date to eplore a magical fairytale place. Let’s see what they’re going to
discover and meet the inhabitants.

Penny and her family are going on a camping trip to the openguin mountains! Let’s see who they’re going to meet there and explore the

The humans believe that owls are harbingers of disaster. Help the owls prove them wrong! Save the kingdom of the owls from destruction and
bring back its former greatness! 200 colorful Japanese crossword puzzles
of various difficulty levels, an engaging story, and charming music
will help you spend your free time in a fun and interesting way. It’s a
wonderful way to challenge yourself by solving puzzles! Complete levels,
solve puzzles, and make the owls’ home nice and cozy.

The Time Twins and friends want to lead you on a tour of the past. Choose a character and join the team as you travel through decades and
centuries, reliving the history of travel, industry and invention.

The mosaic adventure continues, taking you to the sunny Italian countryside for a summer of romance. A young American journalist follows
the clues left by her friend, French photographer François. Hoping she
will meet him at last, each puzzle brings her closer. Follow
instructions to learn the art of making pizza, pasta and ice cream.
Visit beautiful Italian regions rich in culture and history as you
progress though the game.
Take part in 4 chapters of romantic adventure.


In the Painting Journey you will embark on a journey around the world! Visit lands from the tropical beaches of the Pacific to the peaks of the
highest mountains! Along your journey solve puzzles to discover a world
full of new and wondrous landscapes! Capture these memories by turning
them into paintings of vibrant colours. Challenge your mind while you
relax in the splendor of our earth!

Lose yourself in this delightful new brain-teaser! Good for HOURS of PUZZLE FUN!
To complete a level, you have to light all the braziers in the area with
a single arrow. The arrow can be controlled by flying it into crystals.
Each of these crystals has an effect that you will need to use cleverly
to complete the level.

Revisit the world of Alice in Wonderland, pass all the tests, and get acquainted with the characters from the beloved fairy tale. Alices Jigsaw: Time Travel includes 100 mosaic brain teasers that differ in both speed and length.
The pictures are made from high-quality photographs all with
specially-picked themes showing the magical world of Alice in a more
modern style.

In a world ravaged by thermonuclear war, where law and order are a distant memory, a terrorist group tries to launch the final attack that
will lead the rest of humanity to its doom.

Laura’s life is turned upside-down when she hits the big lottery jackpot. With her newfound fortune she decides to fulfill her dream of
starting a new restaurant. But first she must travel the world solving
culinary puzzles in order to learn the cooking secrets of accomplished
master chefs. Once armed with this knowledge, she`s ready to start her
career. The only thing Laura hasn’t prepared for is a hidden rival
who`ll do anything possible to ruin her shot at success…

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